ABCDx Achieves Significant Milestone in LVO Patient Triage


ABCDx Achieves Significant Milestone in LVO Patient Triage with Proprietary AI Strategy, PanelomiX, and Initiates Series A Fundraising 

Geneva, Switzerland - 18.10.2023 - ABCDx, a pioneering force in the realm of brain injury diagnostics, is delighted to announce a groundbreaking advancement in its LVOCheck product development. Leveraging its proprietary AI strategy, PanelomiX, ABCDx has successfully finalized the latest iteration of its algorithm designed for the triage of LVO (Large Vessel Occlusion) patients during ambulance transport. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the LVOCheck product. 

PanelomiX: Revolutionizing Biomarker Combinations 

PanelomiX represents a novel approach in the realm of biomarker discovery and utilization. In recent years, the number of biomarkers discovered through proteomics methods has surged. However, only a fraction of these biomarkers has found practical applications in clinical settings. This gap in translation can often be attributed to the lack of required specificity, a fundamental element for making informed and clinically relevant decisions. 

To bridge this translational gap and enhance diagnostic precision, ABCDx has developed PanelomiX, an innovative AI tool. PanelomiX is designed to identify and compute panels of biomarkers, each accompanied by precise threshold values. By utilizing a dynamic and user-defined criteria optimization process, PanelomiX explores a vast array of biomarker combinations. This allows for the selection of the most informative biomarker panel tailored to specific clinical questions and scenarios. 

A Milestone in LVOCheck Product Development 

The latest achievement in LVOCheck product development involves the integration of several vascular protein concentrations with patient clinical data. This sophisticated algorithm will empower healthcare providers to make swift and precise triage decisions for LVO patients, particularly in the crucial pre-hospital setting of ambulance transport. 

Increasing Valuation and Investor Interest 

ABCDx is also excited to announce the initiation of its Series A fundraising round, which aligns with the significant increase in the company's valuation driven by the PanelomiX milestone. This milestone not only showcases the potential of ABCDx's innovative solutions but also heightens the interest of potential investors who recognize the value of advanced AI-driven diagnostics in healthcare. 

Jean-Charles Sanchez, CEO of ABCDx, expressed the significance of these developments, stating, "Our commitment to harnessing the potential of AI-driven biomarker combinations is demonstrated through PanelomiX. This accomplishment in LVO patient triage exemplifies our dedication to advancing diagnostic solutions that enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare processes. We are excited about the positive impact on our valuation and the heightened interest from potential investors." 

ABCDx continues to pioneer the field of brain injury diagnostics, propelling the evolution of diagnostic tools and strategies through cutting-edge AI technology. 

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