ABCDx and Veranex Announce Strategic Partnership to Evaluate and Advance Groundbreaking Stroke Diagnostic Tool ‘LVOcheck’


ABCDx and Veranex Announce Strategic Partnership to Evaluate and Advance Groundbreaking Stroke Diagnostic Tool ‘LVOcheck’

[Geneva, 12 January 2024] – ABCDx, a leader in medical diagnostics, in partnership with Veranex, a renowned medtech consultancy, is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive evaluation project for their latest innovation, ‘LVOcheck’. This revolutionary product promises to transform the way large vessel occlusion (LVO) in acute stroke patients is diagnosed and treated.

‘LVOcheck’ is a portable diagnostic tool designed for rapid, on-site identification of LVOs through a simple blood-prick test. This cutting-edge technology is particularly suited for use in ambulances, enabling faster triage and direct transportation of stroke patients to specialized thrombectomy centers, bypassing traditional diagnostic delays at hospitals.

The partnership between ABCDx and Veranex entails a series of in-depth interviews and market analyses with key stakeholders in the US healthcare sector. The aim is to assess the market readiness, potential coverage, and adoption strategies for ‘LVOcheck’ in the US context. Veranex brings its expertise in healthcare consulting and market research to ensure a thorough and effective evaluation process.

Veranex will continue to conduct interviews with medical directors and other healthcare professionals from Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), gathering insights on the current challenges in stroke diagnosis and treatment, and evaluating the potential impact of ‘LVOcheck’. The project aims to understand the clinical, operational, and economic benefits of this innovative tool.

In addition to the evaluation project, Veranex is playing a pivotal role in guiding ‘LVOcheck’ through the FDA regulatory process. With its extensive experience and deep knowledge of FDA requirements, Veranex is ensuring that ‘LVOcheck’ meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy, setting the regulatory path for this innovative diagnostic tool.

Upon successful evaluation and regulatory clearance, ‘LVOcheck’ is poised to set a new standard in stroke care, offering a rapid and reliable diagnostic option that can be easily integrated into existing emergency medical services. This partnership marks a significant step towards advancing stroke care and enhancing the quality of emergency medical responses.

ABCDx’s Commitment to Innovation

ABCDx has always been at the forefront of medical diagnostic innovations. The development of ‘LVOcheck’ aligns with the company's mission to deliver efficient,

accurate, and accessible diagnostic solutions that can save lives and improve patient outcomes.

About Veranex

Veranex is the provider of the first purpose-built, global service platform for the medtech industry. From concept to commercialization, Veranex enables companies of all sizes to benefit from accelerated speed to market, controlled development costs, mitigation of development risks, and market viability assessment. Veranex is backed by Summit Partners, Accelmed, and Lauxera. For more information, visit and follow Veranex on LinkedIn.

About ‘LVOcheck’

‘LVOcheck’ stands out as a game-changer in stroke management. By enabling rapid diagnosis of large vessel occlusions in emergency settings, it significantly reduces the time to treatment, which is crucial for improving outcomes in stroke patients. Its ease of use and portability make it an ideal tool for emergency medical services (EMS).

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