ABCDx Collaborates in Eureka Consortium for a Landmark Clinical Study in Stroke Diagnosis


Geneva, 9 February 2024

ABCDx, a pioneer in brain injury diagnostics, in collaboration with the Eureka consortium, including partners from Berlin Charité and FZBM, is excited to announce the publication of a clinical study protocol in Frontiers in Neurology (Full Article attached).

This study, already underway for several months with over 500 patients enrolled, explores the innovative use of the LVOCheck biomarker test in STEMO ambulances, uniquely equipped with CT scanners for on-the-spot imaging confirmation.

This initiative is distinguished by its novel approach, leveraging in-ambulance CT scans to immediately confirm LVOCheck test results, an advancement not typically available in prehospital settings. The study outlines a strategic protocol aimed at optimizing the sensitivity and specificity of stroke diagnosis, thereby enhancing patient care through quicker, more precise treatment decisions.

Leadership Insights

Dr. Joan Montaner, CMO of ABCDx, emphasizes, "This study underscores the synergy between advanced biomarker testing and immediate imaging, setting a new standard for stroke care."

Jean-Charles Sanchez, CEO, reflects, "Our commitment to improve stroke diagnostics is vividly illustrated in this study. It's a step forward in our mission to transform emergency stroke care."

About ABCDx

Based in Geneva and Barcelona, ABCDx is at the forefront of developing diagnostic solutions for brain injuries. The company is dedicated to the advancement of medical technology, striving to improve diagnostics and treatment outcomes for stroke and other brain injuries worldwide.

Contact Information

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